With masks now part of our daily norm here in New Zealand, there’s now one area taking centre stage in our makeup looks:  eyes.  And who can complain? Between shadows and our legendary mascaras, there’s plenty of tools to creating makeup looks that pop on this smaller, half-face blank canvas. 

It’s safe to say that makeup has recently taken a backseat in our mostly locked-down lives.  To be fair, our makeup bags have most likely forgotten that we existed.  So here at Lily Lolo New Zealand, we think now’s the time to mask up, make up for lost time and create some killer makeup looks — from the eyes up, of course. 

We’ve gathered our team’s favourite products for mask-friendly makeup and everything you need to face the world — even if it is just to grab takeaways, a coffee, or for a stroll and picnic in the park. 

Let’s get those lashes looking lush

Bigger is better when we’re talking about lashes — especially when we’re working from just the eyes up when wearing a face mask.  Our pick of the bunch is none other than our best-selling Big Lash Mascara.  It’s been a firm favourite among our community for ages, so given that mask wearing now part of a New Zealander’s everyday life, it’s a no-brainer that it’s also going to be part of our everyday routines.

Our tip to make the most out of your Big Lash Mascara?  Slow and steady strokes: that way, the brush can encase each eyelash, coating it in its sumptuous jet-black formula and giving it the length it deserves. 

For an extra touch or drama, use the end of the curved applicator to target the ends of your eyelashes.  Going over this section an extra few times will help give you the fox-eyed look for stand-out lashes over your mask. 

Brows, baby, brows!

While we’re talking about defining your eyes, let’s give your brows some love.  If eyes are the window to your soul, then surely eyebrows are the cute decorations around the windowsill, right?  

Our go-to this mask wearing season is the Brow Duo Pencil.  For those of you in Auckland who have gone months without seeing your brow tech for a brow tint and shape — this 2-in-1 pencil is like your brow magician in a pocket-sized form.  It’ll effortlessly glide onto your brows, leaving you to fill and define your brows like a pro with no hassle. 

As for the shade?  Between the light and medium, these brow pencils are beyond buildable.  No need to stress on getting *the* perfect shade, because these two colours cover all complexions:  from fair hair right through to dark, dramatic, almost jet-black brows. 

Speaking of dramatic, let’s highlight those brows!  The highlighter pencil on the other end of the Brow Duo Pencil is incredibly versatile and designed for you to fill in under your eyebrow arch for an enhanced shape. 

Pro tip:  Take the highlighting one step further and fill in the corner of your eye, as well as the outer bottom lash line for some extra depth to your eye look.

Illuminator isn’t just for cheekbones

Speaking of highlighter, you can still have fun with a touch of Illuminator while wearing facemasks! We’ve got just the trick, in fact. 

Take your favourite shade of illuminator usually reserved for your cheekbones, and swipe it just across the top of your cheek bone (just a touch higher than you usually would), and up towards your temples.  It’ll be perfectly poised to peek out of your mask, catch the light, and gently frame your peeps!

Get playful, make your peeps pop!

If you’ve been looking for a time to be more expressive and outlandish with eyeshadow, this is it.  With wearing facemasks shaking up our go-to looks, we say we’ve all got the artistic freedom to break tradition and do what we want with our peeps.  Here’s some of our favourite ways to introduce a bold or new shade into your masked-up makeup look:

Not feeling confident enough to completely rock a new colour?  Start small.  Simply do your eyeshadow like you usually do, in your go-to colours.  Then, take that bold eyeshadow colour you’ve been eyeing up and blend a small amount of that into the middle of your lid.  You’ll have a look that’s similar to your usual look — with a subtle yet stunning new twist.  The Pressed Eyeshadow will give you a softer, subtle touch of colour here.

Fancy a small but subtle impact?  Wet the Mineral Eye Shadow and paint across your lash line with an eyeliner brush for a subtle yet strong pop of your favourite colour.

Want a small yet concentrated pop of colour?  Take the Mineral Eye Shadow and brush that into the inner corner of your eye — just like you would with a highlighter.  Choose a pearlescent, neutral tone like Orchid or Angelic for something more soft and feminine, or ramp up the voltage with the powdery blue Pixie Sparkle, the rich Deep Purple or golden Sticky Toffee.

A dry lips-free zone

Okay, we know we’re focusing on makeup from the nose up — but we all know how masks can dry out our lips!  Enter our Lip Gloss: our pick to keep your lips lush under your mask. 

Gloss, under masks you say?  Yep.  We’ve got just the hack to get all the nourishment, and none of the stickiness.  Simply swipe the excess gloss on your applicator on the rim of your lip gloss tube on it’s way out and apply the applicator across your lips. 

The lip-gloss is completely non-sticky at the best of times.  With this trick, we promise it’ll feel just like a balm.