It’s been a long time in the works but our first-ever Cream Concealer is finally here!  To celebrate the launch, Lily Lolo Founder Vikki Khan reveals how this versatile new addition to the line-up corrects blemishes, dark circles and discolouration without masking what makes you and your skin unique.

Vikki, this is Lily Lolo’s first Cream Concealer – what’s the story behind it?

“Natural, healthy-looking skin was why I founded Lily Lolo makeup 17 years ago.  Our first product was Mineral Foundation – which is still our best-seller– and we recently added a Cream Foundation that’s perfect for drier skin, and was something that our customers had been asking us to create for a long time!  A Cream Concealer was the natural next step, and what’s brilliant about this formula is that it can be used with both our original Mineral Foundation and Cream Foundation – so it’s really adaptable depending on the day, what other makeup you’re wearing, how your skin is feeling or the look you want to achieve.”

Can you tell us a bit more about the formula and its ingredients?

“I’m so proud of this formula, because it combines the minerals we’re known for with carefully selected natural ingredients that help to nurture and hydrate the complexion.  Jojoba seed oil is a fantastic ingredient because it mimics the skin’s texture and is very similar to the skin’s natural oil, so it won’t clog pores and means that the concealer looks incredibly natural, and jojoba seed oil also works to attract water to the skin, helping it stay hydrated.  The formula is also vegan, which can be tricky to achieve in a cream complexion product.  Many other cream concealer formulas use beeswax, however by using a blend of beautiful plant oils including argan oil, jojoba seed oil and grape seed oil, we’ve managed to remove beeswax from our Cream Concealer, so it’s a completely vegan friendly concealer.”

Who would you recommend Cream Concealer for?

“If your skin is on the dry side, dehydrated from heating and cold weather or just a hectic lifestyle, then this concealer is for you.  Our Cream Concealer offers buildable coverage for blemishes, redness and is perfect under the eyes as well, nourishing the skin as it conceals.  We’ve had great feedback from women over 35 too – as we age, skin naturally produces less collagen and becomes drier, so the concealer that you’ve been using since your 20s might need a hydrating upgrade that’s better suited to fine lines and dryness.
however, Cream Concealer can be used on oilier skin types too – the natural oils we’ve used are noncomedogenic, so they won’t clog pores or aggravate blemishes and acne.

The lace-themed shade names are so pretty.  What inspired them?

“We wanted to create shade names that captured the lightweight feel of the product and the way it creates a beautiful veil on the skin without feeling heavy.  Just like a delicate lace, our Cream Concealer covers up whilst letting your real skin show through, and feels really wearable and comfortable – just like real skin.”